What you learned: printable summary

Settings 1 UK

Adjust the General settings to change general DocsPlus App Settings:

  • Select  Settings  to open the App Settings. It will open the General page:
    • Change the Document Default settings to apply new settings to any new Document you create:
      • Select Font to change the default font style and size.

      • Select Font Colour to change the default font colour in the document.

      • Select Background Colour to change the default background colour of the document.
    • Change the Language setting for different regional options.
  • Select Restore Defaults at the bottom of the window to restore the default App Settings.
  • Select  Text formatting  in the lower Toolbar to change text formatting options in the document you currently have open.
Settings 2 UK

Adjust the speech settings to change the voice and when DocsPlus speaks:

  • Select  Settings  and choose Speech:
    • Adjust the slider to change the speed of the voice.
    • Select Highlight Colour to change how text is highlighted when it’s read out.
    • Open the Voice drop-down box to change the voice DocsPlus uses and download new voices.
    • Try Voice lets you hear a sample of the voice you currently have selected.
    • Use the Speak As You Write and Wordbars & Suggestions switches to change when DocsPlus speaks.
Settings 3 UK

Adjust the Tools & Controls settings to change which tools are available and to improve accessibility:

  • Select  Settings  and choose Tools & Controls:
    • Use the Document Tools switches to change which tools offered while writing in the Document.
    • Use the Accessibility switches to turn on SuperKeys and to choose whether clicks or taps are displayed on the screen.
Settings 4 UK

Adjust the Suggestions settings to change the level of support provided by the Predictor and Spell Check:

  • Select  Settings  and choose Suggestions:
    • Change the number of words offered by the Predictor and Spell Check.
    • Use the Size drop-down box to change the size the Predictor and Spell Check are displayed on the screen.
    • Use the Spell Check switch to choose whether Spell Check is turned on or off.
    • Turn automatic capitalisation for first letters of sentences and names on or off with the switches.
    • Use the Predict Next Word switch to change whether the Predictor offers words before any letters are typed in the document.
    • Use the SoundsLike Prediction drop-down box to change the priority given to phonetic spellings of words.
    • Use the Vocabulary Database drop-down box to change the size of the database the Predictor uses for vocabulary.