Introduction to WorkSpace

What you learned: printable summary

Create a WorkSpace

Use a WorkSpace to help students plan and develop ideas before writing:

  • Select the WorkSpace tab.
  • Select Menu DP PWA in the top toolbar, then choose New WorkSpace.
  • Choose a template to get started.
  • There are different ways to add a cell to your WorkSpace:
    • Drag new cell DP PWA on to the WorkSpace.
    • Double-click on the WorkSpace.
    • Drag from the round handles highlighting a previously placed cell to create a new cell linked to the first.
    • Drag add voice note DP PWA on to the WorkSpace to add a Voice Note. Select Create VN in the top toolbar to make a recording.
  • Double-click a cell to add text.
  • Link two cells by dragging from the round handle on to another cell.
  • Select Add new page DP PWA to add a new page to the WorkSpace:
    • Move between the tabs to create or access more content.
    • Double-click a tab to rename it.
  • Send your mind map to the Document to support writing in different ways:
    • Go to Menu DP PWA .
    • Choose Send to Document to send your mind map to the Document as a diagram or text.
    • Select Create Wordbar to turn your WorkSpace into a Wordbar.
Edit a WorkSpace

Edit a WorkSpace to organise ideas more clearly:

  • Drag the square handles to re-size a cell.
  • In the left toolbar:
    • Click three dots DP PWA with a cell selected to choose a new shape for the cell.
  • In the top toolbar:
    • Go to add a picture DP PWA with a cell selected to add a picture to the cell.
    • Go to change cell colour DP PWA with a cell selected to change the colour of the cell.
  • Select multiple cells to change their appearance or move them at the same time. To do this:
    • On a Chromebook, click cells while holding ctrl.
    • On an iPad, tap Select in the top toolbar, tap cells to select them, then tap Select again.