Create and edit a Matching Set

What you learned: printable summary

create a matching set

Create a matching activity to develop pre-reading and language acquisition skills or to reinforce subject knowledge:

  • In the Clicker Set ribbon, click New.
  • Choose Matching Set from the More tab.
  • Give your activity a title.
  • Click the drop-down boxes to choose how your Target and Choices will be displayed.
  • Click Add Pictures… to search for pictures to add to your activity.
  • Click Go to use the Matching Set.
  • In the Clicker Set ribbon, click Save to save your activity.
edit a matching set

Edit a Matching Set to further develop reading and listening skills:

  • Change the number of choices offered on each page of the activity.
  • Choose from the colour palette to change the colour of the pages.
  • Right-click a picture to change its name or sound.