Reviews and success stories

Gayl Bowser

Gayl Bowser

Gayl Bowser was the Coordinator of the Oregon Technology Access Program (OTAP) for almost 20 years and is now an independent consultant. She has been using SuperKeys on her iPad and iPhone.

“While I don’t have a physical disability, I am a shaky person. I have what is called an essential tremor. If I am well rested and peaceful, you might not notice it at all. But if I am tired or nervous or upset about something, I may shake so much that I have to use two hands to get a cup of tea to my mouth.”

jim sprialis

Sprialis Consulting

Jim Sprialis reviews the new SuperKeys app on his blog.

“With a knowledge base of over 20 years of assistive software expertise, their extensive research has led to the creation of a unique keyboard that provides users with moderate physical challenges and low vision with large, clear targets.”

ots with apps

OTs with Apps and Technology blog

This website reviews a range of technology used by Occupational Therapists. Carol Leynse Harpold gives her verdict on SuperKeys.

"I trialed the SuperKeys Assistive Keyboard app with the iOS Pages, Google Docs, iOS Email and Write About This apps. The keyboard integrated with ease in each of the apps offering a larger key cluster, larger individual cluster keys, word prediction and access to individualized short cuts..."