Support students with dyslexia

In secondary school, the volume of reading and writing expected each day increases steadily as students progress towards exams. This can be a real challenge for students with dyslexia, and lead to them feeling stressed and anxious when faced with literacy-related tasks.

DocsPlus will help your students to overcome writing frustration, access curriculum content, and become more confident and successful learners.

“I can really see the benefit of using DocsPlus for learners with dyslexia. Very often, students will be trying to work out how to spell a word and because it’s just too difficult, they will use a different, easier word instead. So, it’s brilliant that with tools like the Predictor, they’re able to show me what they know and be independent. It gives them that extra little bit of scaffolding and confidence to let them flourish.

In every subject across the curriculum there is writing involved, and it’s awful to sit and watch a student struggle… DocsPlus changes everything. It just ticks all the boxes!” Rachel Hinds, Dyslexia Specialist Teacher

Help students organise and plan their writing

2021-01 Help students plan for writing

Enable learners to capture ideas and rehearse their sentences

2021-02UK Voice notes

Help students overcome spelling frustration

2021-03 Intelligent word prediction
2021-04UK Overcome spelling frustration

Provide writing support grids tailored to each student’s learning needs

2021-05 Structured writing

Make curriculum content more accessible with speech feedback

2021-06 Accessing curriculum content

Aid reading accuracy with custom fonts and overlays

There are lots of options that enable you to customise the look and feel of DocsPlus to suit your learners’ needs. For example, you can choose from a variety of colour overlays (or create your own combinations) and change the size, colour and style of font used.

DocsPlus also includes Dyslexie, a new font designed specifically for learners with dyslexia, who often find it difficult to discriminate between letters and may see text as compressed and vibrating. The letter differences are enhanced, letters are weighted at the base to help with vibration, and there is generous spacing to help with compression.

Support students in exams

Ask the experts

Find out more about how DocsPlus can be used to support students with dyslexia in this short video from our Customer Experience Consultant, Gemma.