How do I manage my subscription?

You would like to know:

  • How to install your product?
  • Which devices / users are currently licensed?
  • How many licenses are spare?
  • How to reclaim licenses from devices / users that no longer need one?

Windows / Mac 

To manage your subscription for Clicker or DocsPlus on Windows / Mac:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in using your email address or Google account (if your product is not registered you will be prompted to register)
    (If you don't have a password click Forgotten your password?)
  3. Under the product you want to manage, click View

The Get Started tab displays the installation instructions and downloads for your product. 

The Manual activation tab allows you to manually activate your product on a computer that does not have an internet connection.

The Recent activations tab allows you to see and manage which devices are licensed.

  • To reclaim a license from a computer, click its Reclaim License button. Its status will change to Expiring soon but the license will immediately become available for reuse.
  • If the software remains on the reclaimed computer, it will shortly stop working. Therefore, we recommend uninstalling the software immediately to avoid confusion. To activate this computer in future, you must click its Restore License button.

Expired Computers

  • Computers that go unused for a while may become Expired and give up their license. If this happens, simply launch the software and reactivate when prompted (a spare license must be available).
  • If an Expired computer has a Restore License button, it's been purposefully reclaimed as described above.

iPad / Chromebook

iPad licenses are per device. Chromebook licenses are per user.

To manage app licenses, you must be a Subscription Manager for your subscription (if not, the Manage tab won’t be visible after signing in).

  1. Sign into with your Google Account or Apple ID.
  2. Click the subscription's Manage button to see a list of activated iPads / Chromebook users.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to:
    • add Chromebook users
    • add iPads
    • remove current users / iPads.

Chromebook site License

If you have a Site License or Flexi-License subscription, all Chromebook users should be licensed automatically (the app should launch with no messages). If this isn’t happening, please contact Support to provide us with your Google domain.

If your Google domain is shared with other schools, please add Chromebook users manually as described above. We recommend following Google's instructions to download a list of users:

You can then copy and paste the Google account addresses into

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