Clicker Connect SymbolStix

1US. Symbol support for writing

Enable learners with special literacy needs to take their first steps to independent writing.

Reading and writing support for a variety of learning needs

Symbols provide reading and writing support for people with a variety of learning needs. Many different people benefit from working with symbols, including those with special needs, early learners, and those who do not have English as a first language. Each symbol focuses on a single concept and there are symbols for practically all commonly used words.

Symbols provide vital support to those that require it, enabling learners to:

  • Communicate more easily and effectively
  • Build their confidence
  • Develop greater academic independence
  • Better understand and use given information

Use symbols with Clicker Connect SymbolStix to create valuable communication aids and support writing activities. 







Develop independent writing skills

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Speech feedback


Personalized support for every student

It’s quick and easy to set up a sequence of grids for your students, arranging words and phrases into clusters as you go. Clicker Connect SymbolStix provides an extensive range of additional support options to suit students of all abilities:

  • Color-code words or phrases to emphasize sentence structure
  • Use Guided Order to ensure students work from left to right
  • Enlarge cells for extra clarity
4bUS. Left to right directionality

Accessible for all

To make access easier for those with physical challenges, the unique SuperKeys option makes words easy to target. Click anywhere within a word cluster to enlarge it, and then select the word you want. The keyboard works in the same way, with the keys grouped into just six large clusters that fill the keyboard area when expanded.