How do I recover Document backups on Windows / Mac?

Your Document has recently become corrupt or been lost.


A backup file is automatically created for every Document that is created or opened. The backup is autosaved every minute to prevent any significant loss of work.

In the rare event that the original Document becomes corrupt, the backup should load automatically.

If not, you can open the backup folder in Windows Explorer (Mac: Finder):

Clicker 8

  1. Click Manage in the Options ribbon tab.
  2. In the Files tab, click the Document Backups location.


  1. Click Program Management in the Options ribbon tab.
  2. In the Folder Locations tab, click the Document Backups location.

To identify the backup file by date, right-click any empty area of the folder, hover on View and choose Details. You can then click the Date column to sort by date.

Backup files are stored for 7 days before being deleted.

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16th November 2017
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13th December 2019
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  • Clicker 8 for Windows / Mac
  • DocsPlus for Windows / Mac
  • DocsPlus Universal for Windows / Mac