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How can I share my DocsPlus files?

You'd like to share your DocsPlus files between devices or send them to other people.

How do I save files on iPad?

You've made a file in Clicker / DocsPlus and wish to save it to your device or cloud storage.


Files you create are saved automatically in the corresponding app folder on your iPad (accessible using the Apple Files app).

Therefore, there's no need to explicitly save a file, unless you wish to save a copy elsewhere.

To save a copy of the Document:

  1. Send a copy:
    • Clicker Writer: tap    and choose Send As.
    • DocsPlus: tap    in the Document ribbon tab and choose Send a Copy.
  2. Choose a file type:
    • Clicker / DocsPlus Document - compatible with our software.
    • Microsoft Word Document - compatible with Microsoft Word and most other writing tools.
    • Text File - simple plain text without formatting or pictures.
    • PDF File - a "digital printout" that can be easily viewed on any device.
  3. Choose an action from the iPad sharing popover. Broadly, these are:
    • AirDrop - share the file with nearby Apple devices.
    • Pass to another app - such as a cloud storage app (e.g. Google Drive) or a non-Apple email app (e.g. Gmail).
    • Perform an iPad action - such as Save to Files or send with Mail.

To save a copy of the Clicker Set / Clicker Book / Wordbar:

  1. Send a copy:
    • Clicker Writer: tap    and choose Send As.
    • Clicker Books: tap  books-menu  and choose Send As (if the top toolbar is hidden, tap  books-top-w44h14  to show it).
    • DocsPlus: tap    in the Wordbar ribbon tab and choose Send a Copy.
  2. Choose an action from the iPad sharing popover (as above).

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