Clicker Success Stories

Clicker trial at Cabin John Middle School
and Damascus High School

May 1 through June 1, 2012

Clicker was used with approximately 30 students at a high school and 20 students at a middle school in MCPS.

All of the students had intellectual disabilities and were working on a functional life-skills curriculum.  Many of the students also had motor and speech impairments.

Teachers Reported:

  • Increased independence
  • Increased motivation to complete simple tasks without prompting
  • A good tool to teach students to use adaptive input devices (touch window, switch) effectively (e.g. using a touch window to type a name)
  • Provided a way for a student to show the ability to combine words to compose sentences – something the teacher didn’t know she could do.
  • Helped kids deepen their understanding of reading materials (News2You) through e-books and follow up writing activities.
  • Replaced typical cut and paste activities with scissors and glue, something that students had difficulty with due to fine motor issues.  They were more independent.
  • Gave a non-reader/writer the ability to compose a journal entry.  His success was partly a motivator – Clicker provided more options for topics.  Also, functional.  For the first time, his writing reflected his real thoughts (his mother confirmed).
  • One teacher reported that creating a forced order Clicker set the first time was “somewhat difficult.” However, she liked that she could create one set and use it for the whole class to create their own individual work.
  • Increased independence and accuracy with matching and picture identification.
  • The Clicker sets and activities are easier to create than when using Classroom Suite.  It is also much quicker to tailor the information than when using Classroom Suite. 
  • We were able to talk about a topic in multiple ways which enhanced learning.

No technical issues or difficulties were reported.