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In response to teacher demand following the highly successful Clicker French, Clicker Spanish brings you all the same benefits of a carefully structured language series. Primary pupils of all abilities quickly learn the enjoyment of understanding and communicating in Spanish.

Learn essential vocabulary and structures

Pupils take part in a range of Clicker activities that involve active listening, speaking, reading and writing. New vocabulary and structures are introduced at a careful pace, and understanding is systematically cemented through a range of reinforcement and comprehension activities.

There are three titles in the Clicker MFL: Spanish series:


Spanish CD 1


Spanish CD 2


Spanish Stories CD

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Build language skills through listening and speaking

Pupils listen to real speech (recorded by a native speaker) and then record themselves speaking the same words and phrases. By listening carefully to their own pronunciation and comparing it to that of the model, children identify their mistakes and correct them independently.

Develop confidence in reading and writing

As children tackle each reading and writing activity, they are supported by the award-winning Clicker features that teachers have come to know and trust. As they learn their new language children benefit from support such as visual and aural models, writing grids and speech feedback. Extension activities are provided to challenge more able learners.

Feel assured and inspired!

The activities are perfect for your interactive whiteboard, and include extensive teacher support material, enabling you to confidently lead language lessons even if you are not a specialist. The teaching notes translate all the vocabulary and activities into English and provide ideas for further activities.

Create / extend your own activities

The software includes everything you need to create your own activities too. Special templates automatically set your Spanish activities to speak in a top quality voice, and provide a fully translated graphics library and spellchecker. From simple writing grids to talking books – it’s as easy as uno, dos, tres!

Use on Windows or Mac computers

Clicker Spanish works on all modern Windows and Mac computers with Clicker 7 installed.
System requirements

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