Clicker MFL: Spanish Stories CD Word Activities

The word activities introduce nouns from the story. Children focus on reading and recording these nouns, learning the masculine and feminine forms of definite and indefinite articles, and writing simple sentences.

Imágenes y palabras (Pictures and words)  


¿Qué es? (What is it?) 


In this activity, children develop their understanding of the nouns in the story by correctly matching words and pictures. 


Here, children name and record the nouns they have learnt. The activity is designed to allow them thinking time so that they can answer the question ¿Qué es? (What is it?). 

Escribe las palabras (Write the words) 


Escribe las frases (Write the sentences) 


In this activity, children focus on masculine and feminine articles in relation to the nouns they have learnt in the Imágenes y palabras activity. 


In this activity, children write simple sentences based on the sentence construction they used in the ¿Qué es? activity.