Support for children with
learning difficulties

Use models to help pupils put sentences together correctly

Some children need the support of a model sentence as they begin to write. This helps to build their confidence as they work towards writing their own sentences. With the Quick Grid Sentence Building Wizard it’s easy to make sentence building activities with the appropriate amount of support.

For help creating Clicker Sets with the Quick Grid Sentence Building Wizard see our 90-second training guide.

Model sentence always available

A model sentence is provided in the grid. Pupils can listen to and read the sentence first and then write it using the words in the grid. When a pupil completes the sentence, they will be able to compare both the look and the sound of their sentence with the model. This simple feature of hearing the sentence read back when the full stop is entered helps pupils remember the importance of end punctuation. 

Model sentence available in a popup

Once again a model is provided, but this time as a popup. Although the popup can be opened multiple times, it is not possible to write while the popup is open, teaching pupils to visualise some or all of the sentence. 

Model sentence available as an auditory prompt

Here pupils can listen to a sentence (but not see it) before writing and are provided with the words they will need in the Clicker Grid. This helps develop listening skills and encourages pupils to think about how words look in relation to how they sound.

For some children it can be very useful for them to work through each of these stages of sentence modelling activities as they work towards writing their own sentences.