The definitive primary writing tool

Clicker works for all your pupils, from those who are just starting to write to your budding authors. The built-in writing support tools and age-appropriate interface enable children to write independently whatever their level.

Designed for children

Writing with Clicker is a child-friendly experience from the start. The Sassoon font uses the same letter forms that primary children use for their handwriting, with long ascenders and descenders to aid letter and word recognition. When a full stop is entered, Clicker automatically reads out the completed sentence, so children hear what they’ve written and make corrections themselves.

Support for independent writing

Clicker’s word predictor is always there to help children to write independently. Extensively updated for Clicker 7, the predictor is highly context-sensitive, helping children to write coherent, grammatically correct text. Both the predictor and the customisable spell checker are speech supported, so that children can hear a word before they use it.

Write with whole words

Clicker Sets are used all over the world to enable children to write with whole words, phrases and pictures. Clicker Sets are speech supported, so that children can hear a word before they use it. Hundreds of ready-made Clicker Sets are included, and in Clicker 7 it’s really easy to make your own, from simple sentence building sets to comprehensive word banks.

Extensive support for
children with special needs

Our special needs pages explain the writing support Clicker 7 offers to children with a wide range of special needs. For example, a new font is included that’s specially designed for children with dyslexia, and there’s a powerful range of accessibility options for children with physical challenges, including two totally new options for Clicker 7.

Picture support

Clicker 7 offers three great ways of adding pictures. First, there’s the enhanced library of over 3500 curriculum-related pictures, with child-friendly searching. Secondly, you can take a webcam photo straight into your document. Last but not least, you can paint your own picture using the built-in painting tools, newly updated for Clicker 7.

Clicker also offers picture-supported writing, where a picture is shown above each word. You can use any pictures, including symbols which can be purchased separately.