Clicker Books

Clicker Books is an engaging book creation tool suitable for primary school pupils across the ability spectrum.

This app gives children a structure to work within but also enough flexibility to produce personalised books. Clicker’s trump card is the inclusion of the word bank tool to support learners further. I would certainly recommend Clicker Books for use across the whole curriculum.

- Mike Elliott, teacher and ICT Advisor

What really sets Clicker Books apart from other book making apps is the customisable reading and writing support it offers, which empowers children of all abilities to independently demonstrate their knowledge of a particular subject or put together their very own storybook. Clicker Books is particularly effective when used to support children with dyslexia and struggling spellers.

Designed with the classroom in mind, Clicker Books includes the Sassoon font, a lower case keyboard and many other child-friendly features to create an accessible and engaging environment for pupils to work in.

Child-friendly book making

Pupils use the intuitive tools to add pictures, text and sound to create fantastic-looking books. Provide additional support in the form of topic-specific word or picture banks; this really helps children to structure their work and encourages them to use relevant vocabulary.

Customisable writing support

As they write, children benefit from key Clicker support features including realistic speech feedback, intelligent word prediction and a talking spellchecker. Watch your pupils’ confidence grow as they create flowing, grammatically-correct text with accurate spelling and more adventurous vocabulary.

Flexible illustration tools

Clicker Books enables children to illustrate their work in a variety of ways. Pupils can use the iPad camera to take a photo, choose images from the Camera Roll, or create their own pictures using the integrated painting tools. You can paint on top of photos too!


Opportunities to listen and record

When children have completed their text, they can tap the Sound Button to listen to what they have written. Alternatively, they can record their own speech – an opportunity to practise their speaking and listening skills, elaborate on a particular point or simply make a note of their initial thoughts to refer to during the writing process!

Teacher-friendly tools

As well as being a wonderful app for helping children to create their own books, Clicker Books provides you with an easy way to create personalised reading books for your learners. Tailor the subject matter and comprehension level to your pupils’ particular learning needs and objectives.


Hundreds of free resources at your fingertips

No time to make your own? A professionally made, ever expanding bank of free
learning resources is just a tap away. Select ‘LearningGrids’ to access a wide range of
ready-made books created by our curriculum team – new resources are added regularly.

Share resources and work your way

We have incorporated a variety of ways to share Clicker Books files; choose whichever works best for your school set-up. Print your work to any AirPrint-compatible printer, or share it via AirDrop, Dropbox, Google Drive, Mail, WebDAV or OneDrive.

Access Clicker anytime, anywhere

Sometimes an iPad is the best technology to use for a particular learning task, whereas other times a laptop or PC is the most suitable option – investing in both Clicker 7 and Clicker Books enables you to provide a consistent level of literacy support across your school’s devices. We have also ensured that Clicker Books and Clicker 7 are fully file compatible. This gives you the flexibility to create Clicker Books on a computer using Clicker 7 and use them on your iPads, and to open your pupils' Clicker Books work in Clicker 7.