Award-winning reading and writing software for learners of all ages and abilities

Clicker for Primary Schools

Clicker 7

Significantly develop every child’s
reading and writing skills with this much
loved literacy software.

Clicker Apps
for iPad

Give your pupils access to child-friendly
literacy tools developed specifically
for the iPad.

Clicker Apps
for Chromebook

Make curriculum writing tasks
achievable and fun for your
Chromebook users.



  WriteOnline for Secondary Schools


FREE Resources


Provide age-appropriate support throughout the writing process with this innovative talking word processor.


Give iPad users the tools they need to improve their written work across the curriculum.

When you use our software, you get free access to hundreds of ready-made resources on our LearningGrids website.


AAC and Accessibility

Clicker Communicator

The child-friendly AAC app that gives a voice to learners with speech and language difficulties.


An accessible keyboard for people with mild to moderate physical challenges and those with low vision.

Crick USB Switch Box

Our switch box sets the standard in ease of use and flexibility by automatically detecting the software you are using.

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