What you learned: printable summary

Adjust the Document Default settings to change the appearance of new documents:

  • Select cog and choose Document Defaults.
  • Select Font to change the default font style.
  • Select Font Size to change the default font size.
  • Select Font Color to change the default font color in the document.
  • Select Background Color to change the default background color of the document.
  • Select Text formatting to change these settings without affecting the defaults.

Adjust the speech settings to change the voice and when Clicker speaks:

  • Select cog and choose Speech.
  • Select Voice to change the voice Clicker uses.
  • Select Speed and adjust the slider to change the speed of the voice.
  • Select Speak Cell to change whether Clicker will read text in a cell on a right-click or long-tap depending on your device.
  • Select Highlight Color to change how text is highlighted when it’s read out loud.
  • Turn the switches on or off to change when Clicker Speaks.
Tools and Controls

Adjust the Tools & Controls settings to change which tools are available, and to improve accessibility:

  • Select cog and choose Tools & Controls.
  • Select Toolbar to change which tools are offered to learners in the toolbar.
  • Select Keyboard to change the layout of the on-screen keyboard.
  • Select Accessibility to choose whether clicks or taps are displayed on the screen, and to turn on SuperKeys.

Adjust the Suggestions settings to change the level of support provided by the Predictor and Spell Check:

  • Select cog and choose Suggestions.
  • Choose whether the Predictor and Spell Check are available by turning the switches on or off.
  • Select Predictor Settings to change the behavior of the Predictor:
    • Change the priority given to phonetic spellings of words.
    • Change whether the Predictor offers words before any letters are typed.
    • Change the size of the database the Predictor uses for vocabulary.
  • Change the number of words offered by the Predictor and Spell Check.
  • Change the size the Predictor and Spell Check are displayed on the screen.

Adjust the pictures settings to change the picture support offered in Clicker:

  • Select cog and choose Pictures.
  • Change whether images in cells are sent into the Document with the text.