USB Keys for Windows and Mac

Which switch interfaces can I use?

You would like to know which switch interfaces are compatible with Crick Software products, such as Clicker and DocsPlus.


Our own Crick USB Switch Box works directly with Clicker and DocsPlus. Once plugged in, you can start using it immediately - no further software is needed.

If you install the optional USB Keys 2 software, you can specify which keyboard key each switch should mimic. This lets you control any software that's controllable by keyboard.

For more information about the Crick USB Switch Box, click here.

Can I use other switch interfaces with Clicker and DocsPlus?

Other switch interfaces can't control Clicker and DocsPlus directly.

If a switch interface can be configured to mimic the F7 and F8 keys, it can be used with Clicker and DocsPlus on a basic level. However, it won't be possible to adjust the timings.

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