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How do I install USB Keys 2 on a Mac?

You would like to install USB Keys 2 on a Mac.


To use the Crick USB Switch Box with our own software, no installation is necessary. Just plug it into your Mac, wait for it to be detected, and then launch Clicker / DocsPlus .

To use the Crick USB Switch Box with any other software, you need to install USB Keys 2. This converts your switch presses into keyboard key presses, letting you control any software controllable by keyboard.

Note: USB Keys 2 is currently incompatible with macOS Catalina (10.15)

To install USB Keys 2:

  1. Download the installer below.
  2. Double-click the USB-Keys2-Mac.dmg file in your Downloads folder.
  3. A virtual drive named USBKeys 2 will appear in Finder. If a shortcut doesn't appear on your Desktop, open the Go menu in Finder and choose Computer.
  4. In the USBKeys 2 drive, right-click the Install file, choose Open and then click Open (necessary due to Mac security).
  5. When the installation finishes, click Close and then choose Delete / Move to Trash.
  6. In Finder, open the Go menu, choose Applications and launch USBKeys 2. You'll be told it requires the Accessibility API to be enabled. Click Quit USBKeys 2.
  7. In Finder, open the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. Click Security & Privacy. On the Privacy tab, select Accessibility and check the USBKeys 2 checkbox.
    (You may need to click the bottom-left lock and type your password before you can select Accessibility)
  8. Launch USBKeys 2 again. When asked to update your database, click Update. When it finishes, click Close.
  9. Click the USBKeys 2 icon towards the top-right of the Finder bar and choose Quit USBKeys 2.

USB Keys 2 is now ready to use on your Mac.

USB Keys 2 will automatically load the correct settings for many popular switch-accessible applications. You can also create your own profiles for new applications. To learn how, click the USBKeys 2 icon towards the top-right of the Finder bar and choose USB Keys 2 Help.

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