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  • You purchased Clicker apps from Apple's Volume Store before 2021. When trying to deploy them to iPads using your MDM, you receive an error stating that the app is no longer available.

  • When using LearningGrids:

    • The website loads partially or not at all.
    • You receive errors saying An error has occurred in the script on this page.
    • When clicking Run Now / Open, nothing happens.
    • When clicking Run Now / Open, you receive a Loading error saying the item cannot be found or is corrupted.
  • Words highlight in sequence but aren't spoken aloud.

  • You can't add a picture from your iPad's Photos because the list is blank.
    You can't take a photo with your iPad's camera because the image is black and the shutter button doesn't work.

  • The keyboard / grid area has moved from its usual position and is now obscuring the Document.

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