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Using a Tobii device on Windows

You would like to control Clicker / DocsPlus using a Tobii Eye Gaze device.


Clicker / DocsPlus is designed for universal access and includes a conventional Eye Gaze feature to improve accessibility for users of eye tracking technology. When the mouse pointer hovers over a target, a click occurs after a short delay (indicated by a shrinking red circle).

To set this, click Access (or Accessibility) in the Options tab. On the Access Method tab, choose Eye Gaze / Mouse Dwell.

Tobii software

Currently, Tobii provides three separate software products for their customers to control their computers:

  • Windows Control - uses a unique control method that aims to eliminate accidental clicking by dividing the process into two deliberate steps. Look at the sidebar to choose an action (e.g. click, double-click, drag, scroll), and then look at your target. When your gaze settles over the target area, a zooming overlay appears to guide you towards the precise location.

  • Gaze Point - uses the conventional method of moving the mouse pointer to follow your gaze. A click is initiated by dwelling over a target for a short time.

  • Tobii Gaze Interaction Software (TGIS) - for older devices. Incorporates first-generation versions of both the above products.

What do I have?

To determine which software you have: open the Windows Start menu and start typing gaze interaction settings.

If it appears as a result, you have TGIS. If it doesn’t, you have Windows Control.

Recommended settings

Unfortunately, the Eye Gaze feature in our software isn’t suited for use with Windows Control (or TGIS when set to Gaze Interaction mode).

Under these conditions, the pointer remains stationary until a click occurs, at which point it "teleports" to the clicked location. Our software detects the mouse movement and starts its dwell timer, resulting in an unwanted second click at the same location.

Therefore, we recommend configuring your computer to use one feature or the other:

  • Let Tobii handle everything.
    In Clicker 8, set the Access Method to Off.
    In Clicker 7 / DocsPlus, set the Access Method to Mouse / Touch.


  • Configure Tobii to just move the pointer.
    In Clicker / DocsPlus, set the Access Method to Eye Gaze / Mouse Dwell.
    In your Tobii software:
    • Windows Control - download and install Gaze Point from Set it to No click.

    • TGIS - open Gaze Interaction Settings, click Windows Control on the left, and then select Mouse Emulation.

About this article
November 10th, 2017
Last revised
December 16th, 2019
Applies to
  • Clicker 7
  • Clicker 8 for Windows / Mac
  • DocsPlus for Windows / Mac
  • DocsPlus Universal for Windows / Mac

Clicker 7 Arabic

A Clicker 7 Arabic serial number is required.



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