Which switch interfaces can I use with DocsPlus?

You would like to know whether your switch interface is compatible with DocsPlus.


Our own Crick USB Switch Box works directly with DocsPlus. Once it’s plugged into the computer, you can start using it immediately - no further software is needed.

Can I use other switches interfaces with Docsplus?

Other switch interfaces can’t control DocsPlus directly.

However, most switch boxes work by emulating keyboard presses such as Space or Enter.

If you can configure your switch interface to use the F7 and F8 keys for Switch 1 and Switch 2 respectively, you should then be able to control DocsPlus (after enabling one or two switch scanning). 

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November 15th, 2017
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November 15th, 2017
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  • DocsPlus for Windows and Mac

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