Lost DocsPlus serial number

You can’t find your serial number.


Your serial number is printed on the license card that came in your original DocsPlus package.

If you can't find this, there are two other ways to obtain your serial number:

1) Retrieve it from a computer with DocsPlus installed

  1. Launch DocsPlus.
  2. In the Help ribbon tab, click About DocsPlus.
  3. Note the partial serial number displayed.
  4. Contact Support to retrieve the full serial number.

2) Ask Support to retrieve it from the registration database

During installation, we invite customers to register their serial number. This provides a way for us to look it up upon request.

If your serial number has been registered, the Support team can retrieve it from the registration database.

If your serial number hasn't been registered, the Support team may be able locate it using a different method. However, this is not guaranteed and the software may need to be purchased again.

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November 13th, 2017
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November 13th, 2017
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  • DocsPlus for Windows and Mac

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