Error: "DocsPlus has detected that there is a problem with SAPI5"

When launching DocsPlus, you receive the following error message:
DocsPlus has detected that there is a problem with SAPI5.


When DocsPlus launches, it tries loading all speech engines on the computer, including third-party ones. The error message indicates that there was a problem doing this.

The problem may be caused by a faulty speech engine, or leftover registry entries from a program that didn't uninstall correctly.

Third-party Software

We can provide specific workarounds for the problems caused by these programs:

  • Co:Writer
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Textease

If any of these programs are (or were) installed on your computer, please contact Support.

Old Crick Software

If the computer has any other Crick Software programs installed (particularly old versions), uninstalling them may fix the problem.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you’ve followed the above advice without success, some trial and error will be needed to solve the problem.

The Speech Engine Guide guide below contains a series of troubleshooting steps that will hopefully determine what's causing the problem. As it involves editing the Windows registry, we strongly recommend passing this task to your IT Support unless you're familiar with doing this.

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November 13th, 2017
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November 13th, 2017
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