Error: "Recording failed: Cannot record a sound" (DocsPlus)

When trying to record in DocsPlus, you receive the following error message:
Recording failed: Cannot record a sound.


There is a problem with the Xiph.Org Open Codecs codec pack, which is automatically installed with DocsPlus.

To resolve the problem:

  1. Log onto the computer as an administrator.
  2. Uninstall Xiph.Org Open Codecs.
  3. Download and run the installer below. 
  4. Restart the computer.

DocsPlus should now record sound properly.

For IT Technicians

If the problem is happening on multiple computers, it's possible to silently reinstall Xiph.Org Open Codecs via command line.

We recommend saving the following commands into a batch file, and then creating a Scheduled Task that runs it once at boot (or logon) with Administrator privileges. The task can be removed after all the computers have been fixed.

Please note: the letter "S" below must be uppercase!

Silent Uninstall

if exist "%programfiles%\Xiph.Org\Open Codecs\uninst.exe" (
"%programfiles%\Xiph.Org\Open Codecs\uninst.exe" /S
) else (
if exist "%programfiles(x86)%\Xiph.Org\Open Codecs\uninst.exe" (
"%programfiles(x86)%\Xiph.Org\Open Codecs\uninst.exe" /S

 Silent install

e.g. "\\<servername>\<sharename>\opencodecs_0.85.17777.exe" /S

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November 13th, 2017
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November 13th, 2017
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