DocsPlus Universal for iPad

For subscriptions purchased after November 2020.

How can I share my DocsPlus files?

You'd like to share your DocsPlus files between devices or send them to other people.

Can DocsPlus Universal be deployed to multiple iPads?

You have a DocsPlus Universal subscription and want to deploy it to multiple iPads via your MDM.



The app itself is free to purchase from the Volume Store in Apple School Manager (previously known as the Volume Purchase Program).

Purchase as many app copies as you have licenses for.


Use whichever Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution you normally use to deploy the app to your iPads.


To unlock the app, it must be enrolled after installation. This allocates a spare license from your subscription to that specific iPad.

On each iPad, launch the newly-installed app and input both your Organization ID and Enrollment Password codes when prompted.

AutomatIC EnrolLment

If your MDM supports App Configuration, you can use it to embed your codes inside the app during deployment. This will result in each iPad automatically enrolling itself on first launch, without any user interaction.

The exact method varies depending on your MDM. It may involve:

  1. Inputting the codes as separate key / value pairs:
    Key: OrgID
    Type: Text or String
    Value: orgXXXXX

    Key: EnrollmentCode 
    Type: Text or String

  2. Inputting an XML code snippet: 

                <string>XXXX XXXX XXXX</string>

  3. Uploading a .plist file:
    Download sample

Whichever method you use, replace the X's with your Organization ID and Enrollment password.

We've researched the documentation of common MDMs to provide the following summary table for general guidance (links may have changed since publication).

For precise instructions, please consult the documentation, or contact your MDM provider.

MDM Method Official Documentation
Apple Configurator 2 Not supported -
Apple Profile Manager (macOS Server) Not supported -
Blackberry UEM 12 1 or 3 Click here
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager 1 Click here
IBM MaaS360 3? Click here
Jamf Now Not supported Click here
Jamf Pro 2 Click here
Jamf School (formerly ZuluDesk) 2 Click here
Lightspeed Mobile Manager / Relay 3 Click here
ManageEngine 3 Click here
Microsoft Intune 1 or 3 Click here
Sophos Mobile Control 1 Click here
MobileIron 1 Click here
Mosyle Manager 2 Click here
SimpleMDM 1 Click here
SOTI MobileControl 2? Click here
SureMDM 1 Click here
VMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch) 1 Click here
Citrix Endpoint Management (formerly XenMobile) 2 Click here

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