DocsPlus for Chromebook

How do I install the DocsPlus App?

You would like to install the DocsPlus App on your Chromebook(s).


To install the DocsPlus App on your Chromebook:

  1. Search the Chrome Web Store for docsplus.
  2. Click Add to Chrome and then Add App. When the app finishes downloading, it will appear in your Chromebook’s Launcher.
  3. Launch the app. If you don’t have a subscription, complete the short form to start a 28 day trial.

Information for Google Admins

To deploy the DocsPlus App to your users, please download and follow the guide below.

If you don’t have a subscription, the first person to launch the app and complete the form will start a 28 day trial for the whole domain.

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To install the DocsPlus App on your Chromebook, click the link below to download it from the Chrome Web Store.

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