Clicker Books for Chromebook

Follow these steps to install and license Clicker Books (or start a trial).

Note: everything on Chromebook happens per user instead of per device:

  • When you install an app, it's just for you. If someone else signs into the same Chromebook, the app won't appear for them.
  • Once installed, the app will appear automatically on any Chromebook you sign into!

All Clicker Apps for Chromebook share a single license. If you become licensed to one Clicker App, you'll be licensed for all of them!

For deployment instructions aimed at IT Professionals, see:

01-Open app

License or Trial

If your Google account is already licensed, you'll see your subscription details on first use. Click Continue to start using the app. Otherwise, you can:




Install the app

While optional, we recommend installing the app:

  1. Open the app in your Chrome browser.
  2. Click  Google-download-icon  in the address bar and click Install.
  3. For easy access, right-click the new app icon in the bottom toolbar and choose Pin to keep it there.

The app will now appear in the launcher of any Chromebook you sign into and can be used offline!

Whichever way you run the app, it will automatically update itself. You may see a prompt asking your permission to update – when granted, the update will happen instantly.


Get Support

Solutions to common issues are available in this training checklist.

If you don't have a subscription, you can register a trial. If someone else on your Google domain already trialled the app, you may receive an evaluation expired message.

If you experience this or any other problems, please contact Support.

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If you can't find a support article which solves your question or problem, please contact our friendly support team.

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