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How do I get the PCS / Widgit versions of the Core Vocabulary Sets?

You have Clicker Communicator (SymbolStix) for iPad and have downloaded the extra PCS Widgit symbol libraries as in-app purchases, so you need corresponding versions of the Core Vocabulary Sets.


Use the links below to download alternative versions of the Core Vocabulary Sets.

Unfortunately, Apple restricts iPads from downloading uncommon file types. Therefore, please use any other device to download the files, and then transfer them to your iPad via email, AirDrop, or cloud storage (see related article below).

Note: If the symbols in these sets display as red crosses, your in-app purchases are not being recognized (probably due to an Apple ID issue). Please contact Support for assistance.

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January 4th, 2019
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To install Clicker Communicator on your iPad, click a link below to download it from Apple's App Store.

*If you buy 'Clicker Communicator (SymbolStix)', the Widgit or Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols are also available as in-app purchases for $49.99 each. Please note: in-app purchases are not available via VPP.

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