Clicker Communicator for iPad

No speech (iPad Apps)

Words highlight in sequence but aren't spoken aloud.


Your iPad is probably muted (this isn't always noticeable because a muted iPad still plays various sounds).

To unmute your iPad: swipe down from the top-right corner to show the Control Center, and then tap the Bell icon so it changes from red and white (muted) to gray (unmuted).

If the Control Center doesn't show the Bell icon, it should be possible to unmute by using your iPad’s side switch.

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November 20th, 2017
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December 13th, 2018
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To install Clicker Communicator on your iPad, click a link below to download it from Apple's App Store.

*If you buy 'Clicker Communicator (SymbolStix)', the Widgit or Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols are also available as in-app purchases for $49.99 each. Please note: in-app purchases are not available via VPP.

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