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How do I change the behavior of the Delete button in Clicker Communicator?

You would like to change how the Delete button works.


By default, tapping the red Delete button in the Message Area clears the entire Message.

You can change this behavior, so that one tap deletes the last word and a second tap clears the entire Message:

  1. If the top toolbar is hidden, tap the black line above the Message Area. 
  2. Tap the Settings (cog) icon in the toolbar, choose Message Area, then Delete Button, and then select Delete last word first.

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November 23rd, 2017
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November 23rd, 2017
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  • Clicker Communicator for Chromebook
  • Clicker Communicator for iPad

To install Clicker Communicator on your iPad, click a link below to download it from Apple's App Store.

*If you buy 'Clicker Communicator (SymbolStix)', the Widgit or Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols are also available as in-app purchases for $49.99 each. Please note: in-app purchases are not available via VPP.

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