Using DocsPlus in exams

If a student qualifies for additional access arrangements during exams, they can use DocsPlus, saving time and money that would otherwise be spent on scribes and readers. This also enables them to participate more independently.

DocsPlus Exam Mode

It's very simple to switch on Exam Mode in DocsPlus. Simply open the Exam Mode tool, select the features that you wish to disable when a particular student is taking an exam, and click OK. This area is password protected so that only the relevant people can make changes.

When Exam Mode is turned on, the student will no longer be able to access the support features that you have opted to disable. These preferences will be tied to each student's individual computer profile.

DocsPlus Exam Mode

Exam-friendly options

In addition to the DocReader, DocsPlus also includes a number of 'exam-friendly' features:

  • Smart tabs provide one-click toggling between the document you’re writing and the one you're reading. Alternatively, use DocsPlus' innovative screen tiling feature, which pins the exam questions to the bottom of the screen, enabling students to access the exam question as they write their answer.
  • If a student's answer booklet is in PDF format, they can use DocsPlus to write directly into it. Support features, including speech feedback and word prediction, will also be accessible here, if students are allowed to use them.