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remote learning

Remote learning with DocsPlus

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on middle and high schools, with hundreds of thousands of children not in school for COVID-related reasons. Now more than ever, it is essential that these students have access to the same high-quality education as their peers.

For the many students who have barriers to literacy and would normally receive additional support in the classroom, DocsPlus enables them to access curriculum tasks at home independently and overcome writing frustration.

Our Flexi-License gives schools unlimited installations of DocsPlus across their Windows/Mac/iPad/Chromebook devices AND enables them to provide teachers and students with access to DocsPlus on their home equipment.

“I like DocsPlus because it makes writing less stressful in class and during homework sessions. I use the read back mode to help me spot where I need to add a word or punctuation and the spell checker to improve my spellings.”
- 6th grade student, Culford School

bridge the learning gap

Closing the literacy gap

Many teachers have found that after months of disrupted learning, students are returning to school with difficulties writing at length, and children who already required additional support have fallen further behind their peers.

Invest your COVID-19 Relief Funding in DocsPlus to increase your students' writing stamina and bridge the learning gap. With DocsPlus you can:

  • Support struggling writers with vocabulary banks and writing frames, providing scaffolding and guidance for longer writing tasks.  
  • Save time creating differentiated teaching materials with access to hundreds of free curriculum-focused resources, developed by our team of experienced teachers.
  • Help students who struggle to read worksheets and access the curriculum with the built-in DocReader.
  • View data on how students produced a piece of writing and identify any difficulties they faced while they were working on it.

DocsPlus and exams

DocsPlus and exams

Exams will still be given in 2021, with some adaptations to account for COVID-19. For example, scribes and readers may be advised to maintain a certain distance from their students. This is not possible for many schools however, either due to space constraints or complexity of the student’s needs.

DocsPlus’ innovative Exam Mode provides the support of scribes and readers, while enabling a student to participate more independently in exams. Different DocsPlus features can be turned on or off depending on a student's access arrangements, ensuring that they have the appropriate level of support.

DocsPlus is not only a great resource for exams, it also offers students the day-to-day support they need to access the curriculum and achieve writing success.

“I used to be a reader for students taking advanced exams and I found they would often be too embarrassed to ask you to repeat something, because they felt too self-conscious. That whole element has been eradicated with DocsPlus, and I just love it!”
- Rachel Hinds, Head of Inclusion at Al Bateen Academy

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Our Education Consultants are happy to provide you with a free online demonstration of DocsPlus, so you can see for yourself how it will support your teaching and learning strategies during COVID, and beyond.

To arrange a demonstration for your school, don’t hesitate to book a time that best suits you on our calendar, call us on 203 221 2697 or email