Find Out & Write About

01 Non-fiction reading
02 Non-fiction reading

Find Out & Write About is an award winning nonfiction series that teaches comprehension and independent research skills by presenting carefully leveled reading materials with connected writing tasks.

Support students through curriculum-focused reading and writing activities

03US Write about curriculum topics
04US Write about curriculum topics

Each title contains engagingly illustrated information pages with carefully researched, nonfiction text. Students click the speaker button to listen to the whole text, or click on an individual word to hear it. Each page contains a link to a Clicker writing grid that relates directly to that page, so students can write about the information they have just learned. Words are color-coded to help writers compose sentences successfully.

Motivate all learners with differentiated materials

05 Science writing
06 Science writing

Each engaging title presents information at three levels, making the series suitable for emergent, struggling, and fluent readers. At level 1, information is presented in short sentences and learners use Clicker Grids to work with sentence beginnings and endings. At level 2, students construct their own sentences and have a wider vocabulary choice, while at level 3 they are presented with more in-depth information and grids that enable them to interpret and respond to the text.

Enhance students’ learning outcomes


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Find Out & Write About is an add-on resource for our reading and writing support tool Clicker 7, which is compatible with all modern Windows and Mac computers. In order to use Find Out & Write About, you must have Clicker 7 installed.

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