Success stories


Elaine Scougal

I recently attended an AAC study day run by Communication Matters in Dunfermline, Scotland. Though I was there due to being a Master of Science student in AAC, I'm also a parent to twins who have Down Syndrome. After seeing Bryan's Clicker Sentences demonstration, I downloaded it right away when I got home as I could really see the immediate benefit it would bring to my boys.

Ollie and Cameron are six years old. They have poor motor control so cannot yet hold a pencil to write. They do, however, have basic reading skills and so they took to the app right away. They were absolutely thrilled to print off their first ever pieces of written work to take to school tomorrow, letting their friends know what they did over the weekend.

Ollie and Cameron

This video shows Cameron’s second-ever encounter with the app, cheered on all the way by his brother! The looks on my boys' faces, full of pride and independence, were worth their weight in gold.

I run a social media blog for the boys and have already started to spread the word there about this fantastic app – I think this could be an absolute game-changer for so many young people who struggle with written literacy. I can’t wait to see how the boys progress from here on out!