Support for children with Down Syndrome

Clicker 7 is a valuable learning for students with Down Syndrome. It allows them to use their strengths in visual learning and gives them the opportunity to practice their skills privately, reducing any fear of failure.

"Clicker has enabled us to provide Benjamin with a tool that is allowing him to start to easily produce meaningful sentences. He can now print out his sentences and use them in other work. We expect Clicker to make all the difference to Benjamin’s literacy levels as he will be able to concentrate on constructing sentences with words instead of spending a lot of valuable patience forming the words himself using pen and paper."

Bernard Ashton, father of Benjamin (age 13)

Developing speech and language skills

01 Develop speech and language skills

Learning whole words

03 Learning whole words

Understanding grammar and sentence structure

04 Grammar and sentence structure

Visual learning

It’s often the case that students with Down Syndrome have strengths with learning from visual information. It’s simple to create on-screen books for children to use in class, and students can easily make their own with the program’s child-friendly Clicker Books Sets. And with webcam support built-in to Clicker, it couldn’t be easier to instantly add any image to a document or book!

Mind mapping is a really useful way for students to plan their work – they can use the Clicker Board tool to manipulate and link any combination of words, pictures, and sounds. This helps children to make sense of their ideas and understand the links between them more clearly.