Reviews and success stories


Elaine Scougal

Elaine Scougal is a Master of Science AAC student and mom to six year old twins Ollie and Cameron, who have Down Syndrome. The boys are using Clicker Sentences to take their first steps towards independent writing.

"This video shows Cameron’s second-ever encounter with the app, cheered on all the way by his brother! The looks on my boys' faces, full of pride and independence, were worth their weight in gold."


Brewster Schools, NY

Donna has now also been using Clicker Books with a 6th grade life skills class with excellent results.

"Students use Clicker Books almost on a daily basis, and they use it across the curriculum in Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. This app is wonderful for sequencing activities because it is so easy to use."



iPads and Clicker Apps are having a big impact on learning at a little school in northern BC.

“Amy reports that the technology has enabled a greater degree of success for all students...With the help of the Clicker word banks, all of her students are able to produce a page of writing and complete the assignment. The students’ use of content-area vocabulary has also increased thanks to the word banks."


Erin Sheldon

Erin is an AT consultant using Clicker Connect to support the students she works with.

“Clicker Connect is an ideal app to use because it is so flexible in terms of resource creation and ability-appropriate differentiation. I can quickly create beautifully personalized materials that are immediately engaging…”

betsy caporaleUS

Betsy Caporale - AT / AAC Specialist

Betsy’s student had become completely reliant on using a scribe for his written work, due to dyslexia. With Clicker Sentences, he is now able to write independently.

“He also commented that he would no longer need an adult to do his writing for him. For the first time ever he was creating written work independently, and he was reading the sentences aloud!” 

Mark Giufre

Mark Giufre talks about how Clicker Books allows students to create multi-sensory books with a variety of supportive tools.

"Clicker Books has a clean and easy to navigate user interface that offers brief interactive tutorials right from the start. I was up in running with the app in under 30 minutes."

Aubrey Rubin

Aubrey works as a speech and language therapist in Massachusetts. She is using Clicker Books with students who have significant reading and writing difficulties.

“I introduced Clicker Books to my students during their SPOT (Speech and Occupational Therapy) sessions. The students created an obstacle course and then used Clicker Books to create a book depicting each step of the course. Even though my students have significant issues with reading, writing, and formulating sentences, they were able to create this book with minimal assistance. They were so proud of what they had created and were eager to show all their classmates.”

Donna Schneider

Donna is an assistive technology specialist for the New York school district. She shares her experiences of using Clicker Books with a high school life skills class.

“One of our lower level students, who has a tremendously hard time reading and writing, took to the app like a fish in water. I was surprised and encouraged to see how engaged and excited he was, and how he was able to create something of substance… I’ve always known he has the ability to do this, but he has never had something like Clicker Books to support him to create something of such high quality.”

The Appy Ladies

Reviewer Angela Moorad tells us what she loves about Clicker Books.

“After experiencing the awesomeness of the Clicker Sentences app, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out the next step up with Clicker Books!...Overall, this is a fabulous app that is very well designed with features that will meet many special needs. I highly recommend it!”

Mike Elliot

Primary teacher and ICT advisor Mike Elliot gives his verdict on Clicker Books.

“Creating books with your own content is such a worthwhile process, and provides learners with opportunities to use a wide range of skills. This app gives children a structure to work within but also enough flexibility to produce personalised books. Clicker’s trump card is the inclusion of their word and picture bank tools to support learners further… I would certainly recommend Clicker Books for use across the whole curriculum.”

Alex Bogorad – Middle School Speech-Language Pathologist

Alex Bogorad is a speech-language pathologist at a middle school in Northern California. She works with students with Autism and learning disabilities and has been using Clicker Docs with two of her students.

“Monica tends to rush through her work. When Monica is using Clicker Docs, however she appears calm, she stays in her seat and she takes her time crafting her sentences. This is likely due to the fact that after each sentence, Monica will listen to what she wrote and go back and edit it because she heard the mistakes spoken out loud.”

Dr. Brian Friedlander

Assistive technology consultant and blogger Brian tells us why he is recommending Clicker Docs to the school districts he works with.

“As with all the Clicker Apps, the User Interface in Clicker Docs is both intuitive and inviting to the students, and the ability to customize the environment to a student’s needs is critical for many of the facilitators that I work with.”

Riverhead Infants’ School

Helen Bligh, the school’s Deputy Head and Inclusion Manager, tells us how they have been using Clicker Docs and Clicker Books to support two pupils who have cerebral palsy.

“What’s great about Clicker Docs is that not only does it help to develop the children’s literacy skills, but also their confidence, because they are able to write with a degree of independence. Rachel and Johnny work with a number of different Teaching Assistants, and all have found the app very easy to just pick up and use. We have to make quite specific resources to meet the children’s learning needs, so it’s vital that we have a product that delivers this degree of flexibility and ease-of-use.”

Ferndale Primary School

School SENCo Liz Mann is using Clicker Docs with children from Year 2 to Year 6, with a particular focus on Year 6 reluctant writers.

“They’ve got the independence to just go ahead and do it themselves without relying on an adult to prompt them. In particular I can think of one child who wrote an amazing piece on Greek mythology after we downloaded a word bank from LearningGrids…”

Bridging Apps

The Bridging Apps team aims to help caregivers and professionals choose the best apps to enhance everyday life for people with disabilities. Take a look at their review of Clicker Docs.

“Crick Software gets it “Write” yet again! Clicker Docs is another app in the series of apps designed by Crick Software targeting writing skills. Clicker Docs is designed to develop writing skills for all abilities, and works really well with students that are struggling writers and building basic writing fluency skills. The app first presents the user with a clean, organized, and inviting interface that you come to expect with apps by Crick Software.”

The Educational App Store

Parent and teacher Anne Helsby gives Clicker Docs the site’s top rating of 5 stars.

“The Clicker Docs app is a great resource to use with any child who is developing their writing skills and is particularly suitable for those who have dyslexia or are reluctant writers. My own 8 year old is a reluctant writer and she delighted in writing and listening back to her own story using the app. She found it particularly useful to review and check her writing by herself…”


This review includes a detailed ‘report card’ and looks specifically at how Clicker Docs can be used to support children with ASD.

“It makes it infinitely easier to get words on paper, helps with spelling, and takes some of the chore of writing away. The word banks help generate thoughts and keep kids on topic, which results in better work product, which translates to improved grades and a nice boost in self-confidence”

Smart Apps for Kids

Jill Goodman’s final review for Smart Apps for Kids focusses on Clicker Docs. She gives the app an impressive 5 stars.

“Pretty much every goal on my ASD son’s IEP could be addressed using this one app. It is a tremendous time saver for teachers, parents and therapists. It supports those with a wide range of abilities, and as confidence increases, the level of support can be dialled back. Even those without identified special needs can benefit.”

OT’s with Apps

This website reviews a range of technology used by Occupational Therapists. Carol Leynse Harpold gives her verdict on Clicker Docs.

“Clicker Docs, like Clicker Sentences, is suited to the unique needs of students with literacy challenges. The provision of word prediction, text to speech and word banks is unique to only a few apps at the present time. Ease of use of the apps is at the heart of [Crick’s] app development, understanding the daily limitations of time faced by teachers and therapists.”

appo Learning

Jill Goodman reviews Clicker Connect which was created "especially for my own autistic son. Or so it seems."

“Crick now has a complete continuum of apps for writing support that should meet the needs of most students. Clicker Connect is the bridge between reordering sentence parts to tell someone else's story and the blank white paper with little guidance other than a word bank and text prediction. It makes it possible for a child with very modest language and limited literacy to actually compose an original paragraph...”