Clicker 8 free trial

We can’t wait to find out what you think of Clicker 8!

Activating your free trial

To get started with your free 28-day trial, you will need to contact us and request a free trial code. You can then select either the Windows or Mac installer below and enter your unique 20-character serial number.

Getting started with Clicker

To help you explore Clicker’s full potential during your trial period, we have:

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Getting Clicker into your school

If you would like to continue using Clicker after your 28-day trial has expired, please contact us to discuss the best license option for your school.

Clicker Writer free trial

If you would like to trial Clicker Writer, our child-friendly writing app for iPad/Chromebook, simply download the app from the App Store and/or Chrome Web Store. Sign in with your AppleID or Google account and your 28-day free trial will begin. You can access some really useful training materials to help you become more familiar with Clicker Writer here.