Thank you for using our Clicker Apps for Chromebook.

You can renew your Clicker App subscription at any point during the subscription period or once it has expired. Please follow the information below so we can get you up and running with your Clicker App as soon as possible.

Note that if your subscription has run out, it will not reactivate immediately.

Contact us at 203 221 2697 to place your renewal order via Visa or MasterCard or email your renewal purchase order to Once your order is processed, we will send a confirmation email to you confirming your new subscription expiration date.

If you would like to change the Subscription Manager, please provide us with the details of the existing Google account that is attached to it and the one you wish to change to. This is valid for both Single User and Site License subscriptions.

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  • For district-wide licensing, please contact us.
  • For single user licenses, subscriptions may not be shared – if you are using the same Google login for more than one user, each user needs a license.

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