What’s new in Clicker 8?

Clicker 8 builds on the worldwide success of its award-winning predecessors. It’s inclusive, it’s engaging, it’s intuitive, and it enables teachers to give every learner the personalized, evidence-led support they need to take their literacy skills to the next level.

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More curriculum resources

The all-new LearningGrids zone includes powerful new search tools so you can find the ready-made Clicker resources you need, faster. Use ‘Resource Families’ to quickly find groups of literacy activities on the same topic. Plus, we’ve added hundreds of new resources based on our award-winning ‘Powered By Clicker’ titles, including the Find Out & Write About non-fiction series, Planet Wobble talking books for struggling readers, Traditional Tales for Early Years, and our New to English resources for English language learners.

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Books and Boards

Two of your favorite Clicker activities are now even easier to create and customize. Choose from a selection of easy templates when you start making a Clicker Book or Board, with much more control of the layout and ‘look and feel’. Clicker Book fans will also be excited by our new ‘Add video’ option to quickly bring books to life!

Accessibility enhancements

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If you would like to discuss the next steps for getting Clicker 8 into your school, please call 203 221 2697, email USinfo@cricksoft.com or complete the form below.