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Tania Johnston

Charlotte’s Web and Clicker

January 5, 2022

One of my favorite books to read with my classes was always Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. It is a great read-aloud book and perfect for more independent students to tackle on their own. On LearningGrids, we have published a series of Clicker activities to help learners examine the book more closely.

There are Word Banks for writing a synopsis of the story or to write about key elements in the novel. Students can use Clicker Boards to carry out a Character Study or to explore the theme of Friendship. The Connect Set, Word Definitions, helps learners focus on interesting vocabulary from the book – matching the words to their definitions and then using the new vocabulary in different contexts.


Charlotte’s Web is also great as a stimulus for other genres of writing. A Famous Pig – Report offers starters and vocabulary to help students to write a news report about Wilbur and the discovery of the messages in the web. Using the Saving Wilbur – Persuasive Writing Frame, students can write a letter to try to persuade Mr. Arable to spare the life of Wilbur.


To go along with the Charlotte’s Web resources, we have also published new book review sets, including a Talk Set which students can use to prepare an oral report - retelling the story or explaining why they like or dislike it. We have also created Book and Movie Comparison Clicker Boards to compare and contrast the written story with its filmed version.


Be sure to check out the Literature section on LearningGrids for many other resources to encourage students’ active engagement with texts.

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