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Tania Johnston

Alphabet Animals

September 29, 2021

Have you met the Alphabet Animals, Clicker’s newest characters on LearningGrids? These colorful creatures have been designed to help children learn the letters of the alphabet, develop an understanding of alliteration, and explore the initial sounds in words.


In Alphabet Animals – Read a Book, learners are introduced to Allie ant, Desmond dolphin, Gary goose, and the other 23 characters. Additional Connect and Custom Sets, including Alphabet Animals – Who Can and Alphabet Animals – Presents, start to develop children’s ability to distinguish between different initial sounds in words.


Each animal character, such as Benny badger, also has their own book so that your class can find out what the animal likes, has, and can do. All the Clicker Books have recorded speech and are supported by speaking and writing activities to explore the particular letter/sound and to help write alliterative sentences.


Visit LearningGrids to find the full range of Alphabet Animal resources. And let these fun Clicker characters give your learners a strong foundation for reading and writing!

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