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Safer Internet Day with Childnet

February 9, 2021

Safer Internet Day takes place every February. It’s an important event celebrated in countries around the world. And never has safe internet use seemed more important than right now with so many of us using technology to work, learn, and socialize through online connections. To mark this year’s event – on February 9th – we have teamed up with Childnet to put together some resources to help children learn about staying safe online. Childnet works across the world to help make the internet a great and safe place for children.

Our new resources on LearningGrids are designed to work alongside Childnet’s SMART Adventure animations: The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the Smart Crew. They focus on SMART rules, which have been proven to be effective in helping younger children understand the importance of keeping safe online. During their travels, Kara and Winston use the internet, cell phones, social networking pages, and chat to negotiate and find their way through the adventure. On their journey, they interact with a real-life SMART crew who give advice to help Kara and Winston stay safe.

Safer Internet Day 1

There are a range of differentiated Clicker resources which accompany the SMART Adventure animations, designed to support children in thinking about e-safety issues.

  • There are five Clicker Books covering each chapter of the adventure story. These are simplified on-screen talking book versions of the animations, designed to reinforce the key e-safety SMART rule messages. Children can also create an oral retelling of the books to demonstrate their understanding.
  • In addition to these, a collection of differentiated activities – including speaking, sentence building, scaffolded writing, and word banks – enable children to write about e-safety SMART rules which help them make safe online decisions.

Safer Internet Day 2

Find all our Safer Internet Day resources on LearningGrids and let’s keep young people working (and playing) online safely.

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