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Christmas is coming!

December 7, 2020

We have some fantastic festive-themed resources for your younger learners in the Christmas section on LearningGrids, I have highlighted a few of my favorite sets below.

In the lead up to Christmas, encourage children to use our Presents Connect Set to plan what gifts they want to give at this special time of year. The set offers words and phrases that can be used to write a list for their family and friends.


Our Christmas Ornaments - Make a Book lets children use the painting tools to complete the book. To get started, select edit view, select the image, and then the paintbrush in the top toolbar. The ornament will open in a new window for children to creatively paint the ornament to match the sentence on the page. Children will love reading the colorful book they created! We also have a Christmas Ornaments Connect Set that focuses the ornament colors theme and reinforces the use of commas when writing lists.


We have a story about a group of children preparing for Christmas in the Getting Ready for Christmas - Read a Book. Use the many related sets to encourage children to practice their memory skills and sentence writing.


For more independent writers, use our Christmas and Christmas A – Z Word Banks. They provide key vocabulary about decorations, traditions, food, and Santa Claus. These would be brilliant resources for supporting journal writing in the lead up to the special day or writing about how families celebrate Christmas.

We have many Christmas counting sets to reinforce the skills of recognizing, counting, reading, and writing numbers to ten. Search for Christmas Counting to find differentiated talk, matching, reading, and writing resources.


Explore the Christmas section in our Collections category for even more related resources. We wish you lots of festive fun while learning with our resources!

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