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Planning with LearningGrids

April 15, 2020

LearningGrids and Clicker can help everyone who is looking for a smarter way of working. When planning, many teachers have their favorite go-to websites open - typing in keywords to find ready-made resources and activities to use or adapt for their own class or as inspiration to create something similar. Is LearningGrids one of your go-to websites? If not, then give it a try!

You can search by subject, topic, age or keywords, and it signposts a variety of resources for different ability levels. All the resources can be used as a screen-based activity – and many can be printed to be used away from the computer as well.

Our Curriculum Team carefully research and plan the content of all resources, making them ready to use right away – saving you even more time! If you want to adapt a resource with your own photos or text, this can be done easily and there are many short support videos to guide you through this. 

There are fantastic visual resources that could enthuse the class to generate ideas and vocabulary connected to the learning objective at the start of a session. These can then be quickly printed or remain on the whiteboard to support the recording section of the lesson. See the variety of Clicker Boards on LearningGrids.

If you are starting a lesson with a story or information text focus, we have many fiction and nonfiction books that can be read together as a class, with supporting activities relating directly to the text and pitched at different levels. To get started, why not take a look at our Story Corner area on LearningGrids. It’s a Clicker library full of all sorts of books, including traditional and world stories – and follow-up activities too! Our Find Out and Write About series is great for nonfiction texts – they link reading and writing so children can learn about a topic (at their own level) and then show their knowledge – all you need to do is pick a topic!

 Planning with LG_US

We publish new resources regularly, so keep checking back to find even more ideas and topics. 

Happy searching!

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