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Tania Johnston

O Canada!

October 3rd, 2017

We have recently published a group of Canadian Clicker Sets that were made in collaboration with Special Education Technology – British Columbia. SET-BC is a BC Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program established to assist school districts in utilizing technology with students with diverse needs whose access to the curriculum is restricted.

Over the summer, SET-BC held a maker session for teachers to create Clicker resources to share with other colleagues through the SET-BC site and on LearningGrids. We worked with them to provide some custom graphics for their sets and the result is a wonderful collection of resources focused on the official emblems of the Canadian provinces and territories.


Students can read about the flowers of Canada, write about the provincial and territorial flags, and talk about the birds of the different regions. There are matching activities, as well as picture banks to support their writing about Canada.


In addition to the emblem resources, SET-BC also created a word bank to support writing about the Levels of Canadian Government and a sentence building set for writing the national anthem, O Canada.


SET-BC will continue building Clicker sets in their upcoming maker sessions and we hope to be able to share more resources in the new year.

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