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Tania Johnston

LearningGrids and the human body

August 2nd, 2017

Whether you are using Clicker to learn about the parts of the body or DocsPlus to write about the skeleton or Clicker Communicator to talk about the five senses, LearningGrids has something for you. Just search for human body and you’ll find all sorts of resources to support your students’ reading, writing, and speaking.

There are also Clicker Board activities about the senses and skeleton labeling sets. Younger students can use Clicker to match parts of the body. Pulse Rate Investigation is a writing frame and word bank that helps students write an outline of an investigation into the effects of different activities. They can then use the Talk Set Exercise and Pulse Rates to record their results.

Older writers can use a DocsPlus Wordbar to write about the circulatory system or human physiology. Skeleton – Quick Words provides the key subject-specific vocabulary for writing about the human skeleton.

Visit LearningGrids for more resources on the human body and many other science sets.

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