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Your name matters: Enhancing Clicker's Word Pool for accurate pronunciation and spelling

June 3, 2024

Recently, I had the opportunity to demonstrate to a school the power of Clicker's Word Pool in enhancing inclusivity within their learning environment. By adding words, particularly students' names, to the Word Pool dictionary, educators can ensure that these words are included in spell checks and accurately pronounced when read aloud by Clicker. This simple yet impactful feature can make a world of difference for students who have long struggled with having their names consistently misspelled or mispronounced. 

In upcoming Clicker updates, we will be widening our name databases (with lists from the Social Security Administration) so that fewer names get the red squiggly line without needing to be added to Word Pool. 

Changing the pronunciation of a word in Clicker using Word Pool

Once our name databases have been updated, Word Pool will still be a useful tool to add any additional names and to ensure the pronunciation is accurate. So, here’s how you can add names and amend the pronunciation using Word Pool: 

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