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A quick peek at Clicker 7 Arabic

January 9th, 2019

I regularly visit the Middle East to demonstrate Clicker 7 to international schools. Before the release of our localized version of Clicker, demonstrations had typically been to the school leadership teams, those responsible for Special Education, and the English subject lead teachers.

Now that we have Clicker 7 Arabic available, those in the Arabic and Islamic departments are eager to understand how they can utilize the power of Clicker.

Here is a short video on the speech support in the Word Processor:

In this next video I use the predictor to help write a sentence. The user can use the speech support to identify incorrect or omitted vowel sounds and correct them:

In this final video you can see some of the exemplar Clicker resources that are included with Clicker 7 Arabic.

As Clicker 7 Arabic is a full translation of the English edition you can find out more about the tools available to assist the learner here.

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