System Requirements for viewing a webinar

Typically there are two different set-ups for viewing a webinar:

  1. If you are listening to a public webinar as an individual, you'll need headphones / speakers
  2. If you are listening to a public webinar as a group, you'll need speakers and ideally a projected image for larger groups

For the full system requirements for viewing a webinar click here.

Before the webinar

Before the webinar please test your computer audio & internet connections below:

  1. To test your computer audio before the live webinar click here.
  2. To test your internet connection before the live webinar click here.

We recommend that you use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser. It is strongly advised that you don’t use Internet Explorer as we have found that there are compatibility issues.

Please be advised that you will need to unblock Zoom the webinar software ( in order to access our webinars - the IT technician will be able to this.

If your centre is on the London Grid for Learning (you can find this out via your IT Department) you will need to request special instructions to allow you access. This is because of the security restrictions that the LGfL put on access to external sites.

For Network Firewall or Proxy Server Settings click here.

During the webinar

Asking questions in a Public webinar:

As we mute all attendees in public webinars, to ask questions please use the chat window in the top left hand corner of the Zoom webinar control panel. 


Type any questions into the chat window: